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  • Andrea

    Mars was our doula when our son Mackay was born last year. I wanted to hire a doula because I felt I needed some reassurance about who would be present at our birth and an advocate for myself, my husband and our child. Like most first time parents I didn’t realise the real struggle came after the birth.

  • Elizabeth and Stelios

    As I watched the breastfeeding-counsellor caress a knitted boob at my final ante-natal class, I thought to myself 'How hard can feeding a baby actually be?'. Fast forward a month, and my two- week-old daughter had not only failed to regain her birth weight but was beginning to lose weight. My nipples had begun to bleed and were so sore just the thought of feeding her made me wince. All of my preconceptions about breastfeeding - that it would come naturally to me & baby - suddenly seemed laughable & I felt bitterly disappointed, not to mention guilty. I needed help...

  • Helen and Steve

    Steve and I were thrilled to find out we were expecting last autumn, but after a few scares, minor complications and disheartening midwife appointments we were feeling a lot less positive about the upcoming birth. Our families live abroad and we were missing their support, so we went looking for a doula to help us through the rest of our journey. From the minute Mars walked into our home for the first time she was a calming, reassuring presence and a friend to us.

  • Holly and Dagan

    Most people wouldn't hire a doula from 3,500 miles away, sight unseen. But then most people wouldn't be planning to journey from their home in New York to London for a combination babymoon, baby birthing, and adventurous time with a new little one. Thanks to Mars our adventure worked out perfectly. We truly couldn't have asked for more.

  • Kate and James

    I first decided to look at hiring a doula to help us plan childcare for our two year old son so that if my partner James needed to look after him I would still have a birth companion. After a rather long and medicalised hospital birth first time around I was also attracted by the idea of having someone experienced on my side to provide support if and when I needed to make choices. In trying to plan around these anxieties I honestly didn’t give too much thought to the prospect that things would go well! However Mars not only helped us manage the practical issues, she also enabled us to have a wonderfully positive birth experience.

  • Kjerstin and Michael

    When we found out we were pregnant with twins, we were both shocked and delighted, very unaware and naive about what we were in for as first time parents. I wish I had known Mars then.

  • Simone and Joel

    Joel and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the support, kindness and invaluable advice that you provided during the birth of our daughter Raquel. Your wonderful warm and calm manner and knowledge of birth and the hospital system really helped Joel and I to relax and focus on the moment.

  • Suzanne

    Marcia Lord was our postnatal doula when our precious daughter was born. Being first time parents, with all of our family abroad, we were so grateful for Marcia presence. Just thinking of her now makes me smile.

  • Tim and Irini

    We cannot begin to thank you enough for everything you have done for us over the marathon. At the end of it, all five of us (You, Andy, Irini, Nikos and I) worked brilliantly as a team for the best possible outcome. However, I cannot help but feel you were absolutely instrumental in guiding and supporting us through the whole thing. At each of the key turning points in the journey, you were there to steer us towards the positive outcome.