Birth Stories

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  • Abby

    I thank my lucky stars every day that we had Mars as our Doula. It was my first pregnancy and I was very excited about the labour (and a little apprehensive of course!) and so we wanted someone there who we trusted to provide the advice and support to really make the most out of the experience.

  • Alex and John

    We chose to use a doula to give us reassurance having our first baby and to provide some back up support at our hospital delivery – while we tried not to believe the horror stories about our hospital (all of which proved unfounded in the end) we didn’t want to take any chances.

  • Amy's Twins

    I had never considered using the services of a doula until a friend also expecting at the same time forwarded an email about doulas. I immediately cast it aside, thinking that because I was expecting twins, I wouldn't be having a home birth or water birth, so what use would a doula be? I couldn't have been more wrong!

  • Anya

    I felt a bit of a fraud. It was my third birth and I called Marcia to tell her that I thought it was time and then told her not to bother coming. The second time I called Marcia said she would come anyway. I was glad that she came even though the contractions stopped as she arrived. She made me sit down and relax and the contractions started up again.

  • Bea and Masashi

    I credit the fact that I am now a bit of a 'birthing story bore' to Mars, as we believe it was largely down to her that we had such a positive experience at Felix's birth and I now seem to tell everyone and anyone who will listen all about it. We decided to hire a doula quite early on in my pregnancy on the advice of colleagues who had had very positive experiences themselves with doulas.

  • Katrina

    A friend had used a doula for her son's birth and suggested that I use one for the birth of my first child. I had wanted my mother to be with me but she was back home in Canada and unable to come. I wanted a female to support me and my husband. A doula seemed like the perfect choice.

  • Leah

    Mars had come for an antenatal visit on Monday, and although I was over 2 weeks away from my due date, there were many signs he was on his way. So we went through the bag and last minute questions with Mars. On Thursday I was feeling very tired with lots of practice contractions. Friday morning at 6am I got up to go to the toilet and my water broke and I had a show.

  • Nighean

    I knew right from the off that Marcia was the doula for us. A friend suggested that we look into having a doula - being one herself but feeling it was inappropriate for her to help us - as I was constantly asking loads of questions and shying away from the traditional hospital route. We found Marcia on the doula website and as soon as I saw her, I knew she would be great. I was right.

  • Ronke

    I called Marcia at about 12.45pm. I could feel the contractions getting stronger and so I got into the bath. Marcia arrived within 30 minutes and was soon reading her book beside the bath. It was good to know that she was there. Different people kept calling the house to see how I was doing but she fielded the calls and I was allowed to labour away in peace.

  • Sara

    She's fab and it was an amazing birth and I had amazing people, including the utterly amazing Marcia who was, yes you've guessed it, amazing! No, I wasn't on gas and air, or anything at all, just truly had an amazing day and before the mad established labour kicked in and I was having strong but bearable contractions it was the best feeling in the world.

  • Zoe

    I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU to Mars for all her help and support during both my pregnancies and births. As first time parents expecting twins we felt daunted and didn't know how we would cope. We started looking to get some help and professional support for the birth and crucial early days, especially as both sets of our parents live in Australia.