Birth Preparation

With so much to think about now that you’re pregnant, would you like to be as excited about your birth as you are about your baby?

As your doula, I can offer you

  • Calm and positive support during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.
  • Someone to listen and acknowledge your needs and wishes, your worries and dreams.
  • Someone to help you feel good about your birth, however it may happen.

If this is what you want, then I will visit you and your partner at home and we can talk through how you can prepare yourself for the birth of your baby and let your excitement build.

We can talk about

  • Encouraging your baby into optimum position for labour and birth
  • Protecting your birth environment
  • Exploring your birth choices
  • Protecting your space when baby is born
  • Establishing feeding
  • What happens once baby is here

Why should you do this?

As a doula I have seen many births and what brings me the greatest joy is knowing that women feel supported, listened to and cared for.  It makes all the difference when looking back on the birth journey.