Birth Doula

What are you hoping for when your guess date comes around?

Labour is beginning, you’re excited, maybe a little scared, maybe hugely pragmatic.

I can help you by

  • being at the end of the telephone
  • coming out to you when you are in labour
  • encouraging you to relax and rest before it’s time to go in (if you are birthing in hospital) or doing the same as we wait for the midwife to arrive
  • encouraging your partner in supporting you
  • doing all I can to ensure your privacy and that your wishes are respected
  • staying with you until after your baby has been born
  • helping you to establish that first feed
  • ensuring you feel confident about the next feed
  • leaving you warm and safe in bed, cuddling and kissing your newborn

Keen to know what happens in the next few days?

I continue my support by

  • coming by to visit and marvel over your beautiful baby
  • keeping an eye on the feeding
  • listening to you as you talk through your birth story

It’s twins!

Don’t worry, I love twins. Nothing changes in the way that I would care for and support you.